Helping Hands

Hickory Creek Helping Hands is looking for volunteers! This new committee will be 100% volunteer supported, driven and operated for Hickory Creek residents.

If you are interested in making Hickory Creek even better and want to be part of this new committee please contact Paul and Bry Kenney via email or by phone to 817-235-9944.


The main purpose of this committee is to serve Hickory Creek residents in need when unexpected tragedies or situations happen to one’s family (loss) or household (fire). This committee will be 100% dependent on volunteer time and assistance. In the beginning stages we are looking for volunteers who want to help with providing meals when an occasion should arise.

The future vision is to assist in other areas (specialist needed) where individuals donate their time and talent to help Hickory Creek residents in times of emotional or financial hardships.

May God continue to bless the Town of Hickory Creek.