Economic Development Corporation (HCEDC)

The Hickory Creek Economic Development Corporation (HCEDC), a non-profit organization, was formed on July 31, 2003 following a February 1 vote approving a 0.5% 4B sales tax by the residents of Hickory Creek. The HCEDC has a 7-member board.

The town’s 4B funds must be expended in accordance with State Law to facilitate the development of eligible projects. The responsibility of the HCEDC is to use these funds for economic development that will attract and retain primary employers and for quality of life improvements.

New & Expanded Enterprise Promotion

In an effort to promote and develop new and expanded business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs, the town may provide economic development assistance for job training, recycling facilities, land, buildings, equipment, facilities and improvements, including:
  • Demolition of existing structures
  • Drainage and related improvements
  • General municipally-owned improvements
  • Maintenance and operating costs associated with projects
  • Public safety facilities
  • Streets and roads
  • Any other project that the board of directors determines will contribute to the promotion or development of new or expanded business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs

Retail Development Assistance

The town may also provide economic development assistance to promote and develop new and expanded retail development in the following areas:
  • Job training classes
  • Promotional expenditures
  • Targeted infrastructure
The town now collects approximately $400,000 in 4B half-cent sales tax revenues which will allow the town to pay for future capital projects such as commercial drainage and street improvements, public safety improvements, direct retail incentives, or the construction and expansion of town parks.

To learn more about the Hickory Creek EDC, please contact us at 940-497-2528.