Court Appearances

Most cases can be taken care of at the Court Offices PRIOR to the court date written on your citation, if you choose one of the following options:

Paying In Full
A plea of no contest or guilty must be entered and will result in a conviction for the offense.
Payment can be submitted at the clerk’s window, by the mail with a money order, or Pay online.
“Warrant(s) are to be paid with either cash, credit/debit card or money order. Checks are not accepted.”

*Request Deferred Disposition (Probation)

*Request a Driver Safety Course (DSC)

Compliance Dismissal  

- on dismissible offenses with requirements met.  Information under "Dismissals and Requirements"

Contesting Your Ticket

If you wish to plea not guilty, you must appear at the Court on the first Court appearance date on your citation. Court hearings CANNOT be scheduled by telephone.

Note: A telephone call does not constitute an appearance. Inability to pay this fine is not an excuse for failure to appear. Fine payment extensions may be granted at the time of appearance.

Consequences of Ignoring This Citation
Failure to complete one of the options shown above, on or before the response date on the front of your citation may result in:

  • A Failure To Appear being issued as a separate offense.
  • A warrant being issued for your arrest at which time additional warrant and collection fees will be added.
  • A request to the Texas Department of Public Safety for the denial of driver license renewal.

Convenience Fee
All transactions made by credit card at the court window will be charged at 3% convenience fee.  All transactions made by credit card online or at the 800 phone number will be charged a 6% convenience fee.


                                                                   Please don't TEXT and DRIVE