Municipal Court of Record


Hickory Creek Municipal Court of Record is responsible for the adjudication of Class C misdemeanors punishable by fine only, and Town Ordinance Violations under Article 4.14 (C.C.P.).

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To impartially administer justice in a fair and efficient manner so that trust and accountability are exemplified to the public we serve.  

Function & Services

The Municipal Court is responsible for receiving and entering all charges and assisting defendants with processes leading to the final disposition of their case(s). The court is also responsible for scheduling trials and other court proceedings, collecting fines, and preparation of subpoenas, summonses, arrest warrants and other court paperwork.

Court of Record

Hickory Creek Municipal Court is a court of record. A defendant has the right to appeal, from a judgment of conviction, in a Municipal Court of record as provided by Chapter 30, Texas Government Code, Subchapter V. To appeal you must file an appeal bond with the Municipal Court within 10 days of the judgment.


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