Type of Violations

  • Building / Structural Violation Complaint - This includes buildings with such conditions as peeling paint, broken windows, roof damage, and/or abandoned properties.
  • Commercial Vehicle Violation - Commercial vehicles, inclusive of school buses, parked in a residential zone.
  • Illegal Sign Complaint - Violations include the posting of an illegal sign, improper placement of signs in the rights-of-way, attachments to utility poles or on trees, shrubs or plants.
  • Junk Motor Vehicle - This refers to vehicles that have been wrecked, dismantled, or are otherwise unfit to be driven on a public street. The vehicle must have an invalid license plate and inspection sticker and must be nonoperational. This term only applies to vehicles parked on private property.
  • Overgrown Lot or Yard Complaint - Grass and weeds may not exceed 12 inches in height. Overgrowth includes, but is not limited to: shrubs, trees, vines, bushes and weeds.
  • Parking - Vehicles parked on the street must be operational, have current registration and inspection, and may not remain parked in the same location for more than 72 consecutive hours. Nonmotorized vehicles (trailers, boats, etc) may not be stored in the street.
  • Trash or Debris - This includes accumulated junk, trash or debris that occurs on private property. Things such as lawn mowers, concrete blocks, lumber, and buckets for example should be stored away in a storage building or garage. At the very least, they may not be visible from the street and should be behind a fence or wall.