Fine Schedule


MPH Over Speed Limit     Fine Amount
1-10                                     $235 
11-15                                   $245
16-20                                   $260 
21-25                                   $275 
26-30                                   $295 
31-35                                   $322
36-Over                               $334

Traffic Violations

Violation                                                                               Fine Amount
Disorderly Conduct                                                                $315 
Driver Safety Course (DSC)                                                  $144 
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle                                  $285 
Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility                               $415
 Lane Change Violations                                                       $245 
No Car Seat - Child Under 8 Years of Age (1st Offense)      $235 
No Driver’s License                                                               $255 
No Seatbelt - 8 to 15 Years of Age                                        $282 
No Seatbelt - Driver/Passenger Over 15 Years of Age         $184
Open Container                                                                     $315 
Pass Authorize Emergency Vehicle                                      $285 
Passing Violations (Except School Bus)                               $245 
Public Intoxication                                                                 $315 
Red Light                                                                               $245 
Stop Sign                                                                               $245 
Theft                                                                                      $240 
Violate Controlled Access                                                     $225 

Park Violations

Violation                                        Fine Amount
Failure to Pay Boat Launch Fee      $52 
Failure to Pay Day Use Fee            $32

Construction Zone Fines, Workers Present and any other violations not listed:

For the correct fines and fees for any violations not listed please call the Court at 940-497-2564.  
The Fines, Deferral Fees and Driver Safety fees listed on the instructions do not apply to violations occurring in a construction zone or a construction zone with workers present.


Please don't TEXT and DRIVE