Aviation is an essential component of modern life. From the ever-growing volume of commercial air travel to the increasing use of air freight to move expensive, time-critical or perishable goods, aviation plays a critical role in today’s economy.

A Los Angeles Times article once reported, “DFW, the nation’s second-busiest airport, has been a catalyst for some of the most impressive employment and population growth in the U.S. since 1970, when construction of DFW got underway. Airport officials here talk about DFW as the ‘engine’ of the region’s spectacular economic growth.”

Fortunately, Hickory Creek has ready access to a varied selection of international and municipal airports.

Major Airports

Major airports include the DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field, both within a 40-minute drive time from Hickory Creek. Over 180 non-stop international and domestic flights are available from all major U.S. carriers through both of these airports.

Municipal Airports

Municipal airports available to our area include: